KryptoStahl Steel Plate - Backup for Recovery Seed Phrase or Private Key

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  • Kryptostahl - Steel Plate for backing up the recovery seed phrase of your hardware or software wallet.
  • Protects your recovery key from water, fire, acid, and other hazards.
  • High quality V4A stainless steel, 1.457 from Germany.
  • Easy to use.
  • Constant protection of your recovery key.
  • Optionally with electric engraving pen or punch letters.
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The steel plate is made of V4A stainless steel, 1.457. This is a particularly high quality stainless steel that protects your recovery seed phrase against acid, water, fire and other mechanical influences.

Engrave the words of your recovery seed phrase into this steel plate with an engraving pen or use punch letters.

We recommend our punch letter set, as we believe the results will be better here (see picture).

You can engrave the words completely, but it is also sufficient if you only engrave or punch the first four letters.

Why only the first 4 letters?

All words in your recovery seed phrase come from the BIP-39 word list. A characteristic of this word list is that it is sufficient to know the first 4 letters of a word in order to clearly identify it. There is always only one word that begins with the same 4 initial letters. For this reason you only need to immortalize the first 4 letters of each word on your Kryptostahl Steel Plate.


For example, let's say access is the first word in your recovery seed phrase. How to engrave the letters a c c e at position 1 of the steel plate.

If you look at the BIP-39 word list, you will see that only the eleventh word on the list, namely access, begins with the letters "acce".

There is space for 24 words on the steel plate.

You can also engrave a private key, for example a paper wallet, on the plate.

Contents: 1 steel plate with either an electric engraving pen or a letter

Dimensions: 1.5 x 75 x 120mm

Materiel: V4A stainless steel, 1.457


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